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I do not pay any money for this website. This website, including all site files, does not make any money for me.

If you want to like, or unlike me, subscribe or unsubscribe, that’s ok, I won’t take it personally & fully support any decision, you make, that you feel is in your best interests.

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Content provided “as is”. If it; pleases, helps or inspires, all power to you. CAD files (dxf format) are ascii based text files and are free to download, free from viri, free to reproduce or alter. Image formats are jpg & png. Pdf files are assumed to be in the public domain unless stated otherwise.

I’m not too bothered about copyright on my stuff (unless someone makes it a major pain for me not to be). Drawings, videos, sounds, images and texts are all originals & free to share. Items and ideas are mostly experiments, discoveries & happy accidents.

Machining, looking, getting up in the morning, etc. are all potentially hazardous activities. You are responsible for your own safety.

Invest in yourself & enjoy every day!


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